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The Heart
Jim Clinton loves making good things even better. Having "made" nearly every part of a violin while doing restoration / repairs, he redirected these experiences toward making superior violins. Following the old-world methods of Italian masters like Stradivari and Guarneri, Jim is walking down an ancient pathway of serving through craftsmanship. The 21st century musician now has access to a custom-fit instrument meeting functional and aesthetic preferences, crafted as in a by-gone day.

The Musician's Desire
It all started when Jim signed up for violin class in 4th grade. That never came to pass after a family relocation. As an adult, post college he began private lessons on the cello. A tinker of sorts, he had to adjust his instrument. This led to much time obtaining formal education regarding violin and bow restoration, repair, and making from various sources and generous luthiers sharing their craft.

A Musician Needs Attention
While working in a band and orchestra store for a couple years, he realized that string musicians were always sent to the back room for assistance. Why not specialize in stringed instruments? In 2002 Jim Clinton Violins, LLC was born with 5 used violins on a table near the front door.

A Musician Is An Individual
Founding, opening, and operating a retail violin shop was eye-opening to understanding a performer's needs in a better way. We all have unique needs to help us perform our best. Listening to these needs, offering multiple options, and bringing to fruition an instrument created with its individual identity has driven us to our axiom:

•Personalized Craftsmanship

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