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Make It Personal:
An Interactive Violin-Making Process

You are invited! ...

... to individualize your instrument during its creative process.


Select Your Tonewood

Flamed Maple or Poplar, European Spruce, look it over, pick it out.


Make Your First Impression

Antique it, Texture it, or make it Smooth & Pristine


Varnish for a Long Lasting Impression

Protect your instrument while selecting your favorite color. Purple? ...uhhh, perhaps we should talk about that.


Do You Hear What I Hear?

Tell us in your own words how you want it to sound. Go ahead and use "food" and "feel" words like dark-as-chocolate, smooth-as-butter, crispy, brilliant, a silvery E, silky, or soft as velvet. "Ketchup" doesn't tell us much though. 


Make & Model

Should we make yours look and sound like a Strad, Guarneri, Vuillaume, or a Lupot? How about creating a new model?


Customize it Even More

Let's make it work for you. with Planetary Pegs, a Special instrument size or shape, how about a Custom-fit for a handicap. 


Fitting it up with Fittings

Dress your new baby up and take her out with your personally selected and matching tailpiece, pegs, and chinrest.


Tweak until it Tweets

4 scheduled setup adjustments during the first 24 months to match your musical style while your new violin settles in.


Trade up with Value

Significant incentives to trade up from your current Jim Clinton Violin when it's time to get your next Jim Clinton Superior Violin creation.

Book an appointment with Jim Clinton Violins, LLC using Setmore